About Us

Kerese Markets Pty Ltd is a software development company and marketplace that specializes in developing profitable trading softwares and educating individuals on how to make money online. Our aim is to assist anyone from a beginner to become consistently profitable and well informed about the various methods of earning a living online. we have built multiple experts and indicators throughout the years that are consistently assisting retail traders to improve their winning ratios and boost their confidence to take advantage of opportunities within the market.

Our team of directors, market analysts, developers and authors have 10+ years’ experience in the financial industry and therefore have more knowledge and skills to identify the best tools to build the best algorithms. we believe that in order for a person to be successful and wealthy, they have to be making money while they are sleeping.

Our aim is not to help anyone get rich overnight but to assist you to make realistic consistent profits without overthinking things.

There are many forex traders and forex institutions throughout the world whom are making money though distributing limited/misleading knowledge or rather painting the wrong image to consumers about the foreign exchange market which often leads to many people being scammed of their hard earned money due to desperation of financial freedom. We at kerese markets aim to instill realistic knowledge, woke consumers by
utilizing our platform to learn to do things themselves and be in control of their finances and therefore limit if not eliminate the risk of consumers being scammed at the expense of the foreign exchange market’s reputation.