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Automated disciplined Consistent Profitable trading.

Kerese Comprehensive Barcode is a price action trading EA programmed with multiple custom complex indicators to spot the best highly accurate entries within the market. The software has been integrated with sophisticated yet simplified input parameters that allows retail traders to take advantage of brokers and consistently profit from the supply and demand strong zones in the market. The EA follows the weekly and monthly trend.

  • Smartphone, laptop or desktop (1 of these) with internet access.
  • No experience needed.




  • Suitable for beginners, professional, proprietary traders.
  • Works with any broker of your choice.
  • Highly accurate entries with automated scaling.
  • 101% comprehensive automated trading.
  • X5 arbitrage trading plan.
  • You are also connected to our cloud servers for instant low latency arbitrage.
  • Base currency Stop-loss and Take Profit threshold.
  • weekdays filter that allows to select on which days you want software to take trades.
  • Time filter that allows to set the sequence of your trades.
  • Trailing profits.
  • Daily trend detector.
  • The EA can trade indices, currencies and crypto.
  • The EA can trade on all timeframes but we strongly recommend the 1 minute timeframe.
  • EA can hold trades for longer periods based on your settings.
  • EA does not use martingale.
  • EA has a Hedging input option.
  • Maximum Slippage allowance has been adjusted accordingly for execution on all settings.
  • The product has a 95% entry accuracy and has been simultaneously back-tested.
  • EA has an input setup to automatically receive push notifications in your MT4/MT5 whenever a new trade is opened and when a trade is modified/trailing stop loss has been triggered. This is helpful should you wish to close profits manually.
  • Full training, support and maintenance.
  • EA comes with manual, tutorial videos and free E-book to help you understand the financial markets.
  • The EA is consistently being upgraded and all updates are shared at no additional cost to all active licensees.
  • Bonus Account Protector EA: This will automatically disable the heist EA once a set equity drawdown or daily target has been reached.
  • Watch below video.


You will be able to download software and X5 trading plan immediately after a successful purchase and license key will automatically be sent to your email.




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12 reviews for KERESE BARCODE 2022 EA

  1. donald b

    To be consistent and disciplened, i recoment it

  2. LB

    Great ea it definitely will add extra risk management and potentially perfect your personal trading strategy

  3. Jacob mokwela

    I have bought many robots before and they was never consistent, i have followed kerese for more than 3 years and watched them build and test when they finally released it i knew it will be a very good robot. Got my first license on the 28th of october and made profit of R115000 from a R50k deposit trading nasdaq only. I recommend this product to anyone who wants tobe consistent without having to stress about risk management and analyzing.

    • Terrence Kumako

      Thank you for your review.

  4. riverwave

    excellent profitable product.

  5. Carlos E. Ferreira

    This EA has proven the importance of risk management and not holding losses out of hope they might turn around. high probability entries and excellent risk management

  6. Ty Youngblood

    Well worth your every cent.  Nothing like all of the scam artist trying to sell you the next get rich quick dream. glad to have found kerese

  7. Eduardo

    the trading robot is actually quite useful. Many customizations and variables allow for a multitude of tests to be performed for comparison. Given enough testing and time, you can use this robot on manysecurities and market environments. Very good value.

  8. Mr.L

    Experimented with Forex for around 2 years with no real success but never really looked at the potential of using a Trading Robot.e Robot software  is easy to install and test. Only been exploring the software for 2 days but I can see that this could be a way of trading the markets without being glued to the computer monitor all day.

  9. Amelia k

    Interesting and gives peace of mind because i do not have to analyze anymore

  10. Berry Poppe

    A Very Clear system and good to understand. In my demo account I let the robot do his works and it does it very well. I will this do for a week and than will be clear what the profit is.I was curious about the questing did robots work, and it seems to, but the time I can tries it is to short.When you are interesting in robots, this is the best because they keep upgrading it and sharing for free.

  11. Douglas Raymond

    Excellent. Everyone should be trading with robots.

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